Caring For Your Spine When You Work From Home

Minimize The Strain

You probably never think about your spine until your back starts to hurt, and then you probably can’t stop thinking about it. If you work from home, you spend plenty of time in front of the computer every day, and this can put a strain on your spine and cause back pain. You can take steps to minimize this strain and pain and take better care of your spine when you work from home in St. Paul Park, Minnesota.

Improve Your Posture

Take a moment to think about how you’re sitting or standing right now. How’s your posture? Maybe you’re slouching or slumping, or perhaps you’re sitting with your legs curled up under you or at the edge of your chair. These positions are hard on your spine.

To improve your posture while sitting, uncross your legs, and put your feet on the floor. Sit up straight with your shoulders relaxed but not pulled backward or rounded forward. Support your back, hips, and thighs, and make sure the curve of your back rests against your chair and your hips and thighs are parallel with the floor. Stretch your muscles frequently, and get up to walk around every so often.

Keep your standing posture straight and tall with your shoulders back and your stomach in. Don’t slouch or hang your head down, and keep your weight on the balls of your feet. Try to be mindful of your posture at all times.

Upgrade Your Office Furniture

You can also care for your spine by upgrading your furniture. Purchase an office chair with back support, and adjust your desk and chair to the right heights. You may even consider investing in a standing desk or one with a height adjustment option so that you can stand for part of your workday.

Control Your Stress

Stress can affect your spine because it can impact your posture. When you’re stressed, you may tend to slouch, and your muscles and joints tense up, causing tightness and pain. Controlling your stress, then, may improve the health of your spine. You can cope with stress by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine and by getting enough sleep. Meditation and deep breathing exercises can help, too, as can knowing your trigger points and working to neutralize them when you recognize them.

Do Your Stretches

A series of stretches, including the rotational stretch and the bridge, is designed to improve the health of your spine. Research these online, and work them into your exercise routine. They can help you release tension and become more flexible.

Go to the Chiropractor

If you’re experiencing pain and/or a lot of tension and tightness, visit your chiropractor for treatment. You can receive regular adjustments, and your chiropractor can give you more advice about correcting your posture, exercising, sleep positions, and pain relief.

Care for Your Spine

The health of your spine is important to your overall well-being, so take care of your spine by improving your posture, investing in good furniture, controlling your stress, stretching, and visiting your chiropractor. Check out the Adjust Today Chiropractic website for chiropractic help in St Paul Park, Minnesota.

Image via Pexels

Author: Camille Johnson