You’re in good hands.

  • I believe everyone has a chance to experience the benefits of chiropractic care.
  • I’d love to find out how you respond to skillfully applied Chiropractic Adjustments to your spine. 
  • My focus during care is quick and smooth technique that is often painless.
  • The goal is to create movement and stability in the spine which has a tendency to wane with time for many of us.
  • Now in-network with many insurances including BCBS, Cigna, Healthpartners, Ucare, Preferred One PPO/HMO, Alliance, and Benefit Plan Administrators

Insurance Appointments

  • We are currently in network with the following insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Healthpartners, Cigna, MinnesotaCare, Ucare, Preferred One PPO/HMO, Alliance, and Benefit Plan Administrators. 


  • Some insurances require prior-authorization so please forward your insurance card and birth date when scheduling to:

Non-Insurance Appointments (Including HSAs and FSAs)

  • We offer affordable, quality Chiropractic care for all, even those without insurance or that have high deductibles. 


  • Treatment includes analysis, muscle work/testing, and adjustment.