Can I Get Adjusted My First Visit?

Frequently (90-95% of the time) Dr. Dustin is able to perform Chiropractic Adjustments on the first office visit after a qualifying examination. If you have had a fall or other trauma we may need to refer out for X-rays to rule out fractures.

How Does Chiropractic Work?

Chiropractic when utilized by competent, quick hands relieves pressure on nerves, stimulates blood flow, and encourages muscle balance through affecting afferent and efferent nerve pathways.

Healing happens after the adjustment via your own body’s physiology.

We call this the “Innate” or the body’s natural intelligence which performs all your healing.

An easy way to think of it is relieving blockages for better flow and body communication.

What Techniques Do You Use?

Dr. Dustin is a certified level 2 RPR (reflex performance reset) practitioner. this technique involves special reflex points on the body which make muscles fire better via neurological input.

Dr. Dustin utilizes diversified technique. this incompasses many adjustment technique systems including: craniosacral, gonstead, functional analysis, activator*, applied kinesiology, functional neurology, and others.

*Activator is an adjustment tool which requires no twisting of the neck and delivers relatively gentle impulses into the spine and soft tissues.

Dr. Dustin believes his best tools are his hands and his brain. 

He uses both in a measured way that isn’t heavy handed like some chiropractors. 

He likes to apply “just enough” force and speed to move the bone appropriately which greatly mitigates soreness after an adjustment. 

Is Chiropractic Treatment Right For Me?

Dr. Dustin has helped many people with prior chiropractic experience and those who are completely new to chiropractic. 

Often those who had bad prior chiropractic experiences find comfort and relief when Dr. Dustin applies his measured adjustments. 

We also have adjusting tools which involve no twisting of the neck and are very mild in nature.

Do You Take Insurance?


We take all automotive accident/personal injury insurance.

We are in network with United, BCBS, Healthpartners, Cigna, Ucare,  Preferred One, Minnesotacare, Medicare, and are even able to accommodate veterans with a VA referral!

Don’t see your network? give us a call/text at 612-314-9482.

Where Is Your Office Located?

We are located at 321 Broadway Ave., St. Paul Park, Minnesota (right next to Park Cafe).

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What Modalities Do You Use?

We utilize a specialized neurotherapy device (FDA approved) which is especially useful for athletes and muscle rehabilitation. This isn’t your standard electrical muscle stimulation device.

We are able to treat edema, tendon and muscle inflammation, pain, stimulate new bone/nerve growth, improve blood supply, reduce scar tissue adhesion, and reduce muscle spasms. 

We can also attach this device and do movement patterns at the same time to treat any pain/weakness in that movement.

How Long Is Each Session?

Our most common sessions are 10 minutes or 25 minutes. 

Initial health insurance patient appointments are 30-45 minutes.

Initial self pay appointments are 30 min. 

Dr. Dustin will take the time to discover the root of your pain and make you feel comfortable. 

How Often Would I Come For Treatments?

This is always a conversation on a case-by-case basis. 

Some patients come for acute care 2-6 visits.

Some patients come for chronic care 8-20 visits a calendar year. 

Every “body” is different. some patients need more care than others. 

As a general rule, those who get adjusted more regularly have less tension and pain in their body.

Some patients are looking to increase performance through regular adjustments and soft tissue work and come once a week. 

Some patients come in when something is feeling off. 

*Know that you won’t be presented a $3000 care plan after one exam for treatment 3x a week for the next three years. 

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This is a conversation based on your exam and individual care plan. 

Dr. Dustin uses his experience to recommend appropriate care in conjunction with proven best practices.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

Scheduling is a breeze we offer both insured and non-insured appointments (including HSA’s and FSA’s). Just head to the home page and you will be on your way to discovering the benefits of a chiropractic care.

Do Adjustments Hurt?

Most adjustments will have virtually no pain. 

Some adjustments can release some residual pain due to strained/sprained soft tissues. 

Patients have reported mild discomfort the next day or two but these are usually patients with very high pain at the time. 

They are willing to go through some short term pain when it starts to change and reduce their persistent or constant pain. In most cases that pain reduces in intensity and size of pain location. 

Dr. Dustin prides himself on mitigating this effect as much as possible with his patients.

Sometimes when patients are in very high pain we utilize very low force methods until the healing is further along. 

Experience guides appropriate decisions for every patient and every body type. 

Do You Treat Extremities?


We are fully capable of treating jaw, cranial, hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder, foot, ankle, knee and hip complaints.